Friday, February 22, 2013

Hollywood jobs (NPR!)

Making breakfast this morning, I heard the latest installment of NPR's pre-Oscars spotlight on Hollywood jobs... this time, the role of the publicist (focusing on Steven Spielberg's publicist for 35+ years, Marvin Levy.  Even after listening for a few minutes, you can gain insight into how Spielberg is "Spielberg" in our collective consciousness.

Earlier this week, the focus was on the set decorator.  Going online, you can see that this is a series which Susan Stamburg has been building upon for several years, with pieces on jobs ranging from sounds effects to animal trainers to projectionists.

With the Academy Awards coming up this weekend (Psst!  Amour will take best foreign-language film!    Take it to the bank!), this is a great chance to go "behind the curtain" and hear about all those jobs you see as the credits roll (if you're groovy enough to stick around and watch them).  I got your best boy right here! 

For a menu of the Stamberg's entire series, click here to visit the NPR archive.  You can also subscribe to the podcast and download pieces to your mobile devices of choice!  And with that, it's time to go for a run...

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Danielle said...

I normally do not watch the award shows, but I think this year I will change that. Im curious to watch with an 'outof the box' approach. Look more towards the production side of things rather than the awards themselves, and this will also give me ideas for movies to watch. So far I have wasted about $25.00 on OnDemand movies renting awful films.